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Without compromising on quality, our company adopts the principle of trust by keeping pace with the innovations brought by technology and is advancing confidently towards becoming a brand that tries to bring quality and customer satisfaction together. Adopting a quality approach that exceeds its own standards at every stage of the process from project planning to delivery
Meva Asmatavan Lighting and Decoration Building Co. continues to develop and provide material supply and application services with each passing day. We rely on the support and productivity of our employees, our most important internal resource, offer the necessary training opportunities to our team, and provide them with conscious participation in the system, aiming at achieving modern quality values ​​and customer satisfaction at all levels of our service and continuously improving, while considering the changing and developing customer expectations and profitability, we continue to work as an institution that respects ethical values ​​and adherence to laws in our workplace and in the environments where we live.

Excellent service
It adopts its mission of adopting an understanding, an innovative position in its sector and capable of creating current.

Independent from borders
solutions that our company has committed to providing the same quality services across the country have made thanks to the structure is able to provide almost all services in Turkey with its partners. It continuously updates its works in this direction.
Timely delivery
Thanks to its principle, its analytical structure, which ensures that business processes are progressed in a professionally controlled manner, is always prepared for the failures that may occur and minimizes the problems that may occur to its customers.
Always better
Our management teams, which are working for them, regularly examine all the projects realized since the company was established and aim to raise the bar to the next level in every new project. As a result of all these process analyzes, in addition to taking actions faster in every situation, in each new project, customers are provided with more effective and healthy benefits.



We strive to ensure that our company is a pioneering company that respects its performance, and respects the environment and life values, and creates permanent advantages by creating differences.


Competitive and sustainable growth potential, understanding the needs and expectations of customers in the best way to offer them the right solution and value suggestions, delivering a wide range of products and services to its customers in the fastest and most effective way, aware of ethical values and social responsibility and sustainable is to be a company operating with efficiency and keeping customer satisfaction above all else.

As Meva Asmatavan Lighting Decoration Building Co., we are proud to turn you and your loved ones' dreams into reality without compromising our quality service and quality craftsmanship.

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